Shadow of a Writer

Spending much of my time less than completely well, brainwise I guess, how can I tell if my lack of writing output is normal or because of my unwellness, or if I’m even going to be able to finish what I’ve started, or if I’m just too late, or if I’m just a beautiful shadow that almost was…
So, finally, this week I arranged some time alone, but even now, having that, well of course I’m not alone, there’s the World of Blogs to distract myself with. Whose idea was this anyway ?
Seems to me that every minute I read about writers and writing I’m just a shadow of the thing, and not the thing itself.
And here I am writing this, because… I don’t know why. I only know that I agreed it was a good idea, but I don’t know if I believed it, or if it was just easier to agree, or if the Me that agreed was a different Me to this one. Today, if I was my shadow, I wouldn’t want to follow me.


3 thoughts on “Shadow of a Writer

  1. I should sound so well when I feel unwell. I go completely off the rails–believe me, it would be better to be a shadow on those days than the 3-D version of myself.

    Don’ t look now. I’m following you.

    • Well, follow me if you like, but be aware it’s a lonely business. So far that makes, ummm, two of you.
      Including my shadow…
      Or to be more positive, as I must try to be. “Thanks Averil ! You’re my first. I’ll cherish this moment, always.”
      Actually, it’s kinda cool, cos I read some of your posts and really liked them, and you following me makes me feel better about myself, by association, Melvin Udall style.
      But if I lead you down a dark road, do not follow. I have no idea where I’ll end up…

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