“Yair, she’s apples mate.”

Some days you’re the apple, some days you’re the knife.
Today I’m just some ordinary guy who gets to enjoy eating some apples, and maybe a small mountain of chocolate, and going nom nom nom nom nom.
Don’t get me wrong… I’m thankful for all the different experiences, but a few more days like this would be nice. Today I am normal, and I like it.

4 thoughts on ““Yair, she’s apples mate.”

  1. Yes for today!

    I usually start the day feeling happy and good and able but within moments of my children waking up, that veneer begins to chip away until I am nothing but a mangled and knotted ball of puss. I hear ya, mate. I could definitely use more morning time.

    • I don’t get enough morning time either, but when I tell you why it’ll only piss you off. It’s cos I sleep in too long ! Don’t be too pissed, I only do it cos pain keeps me awake at night. And pain wears you out like… umm, kids…

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