Better Roots

Some days it feels like there’s plenty holding me to the planet. Other days not so much.
I suppose it’s what the space cadets and hippie types among us call being grounded. I’m allowed to call us that cos I’m a part time hippie space cadet…. But is being grounded all it’s cracked up to be ?
Being sane ?
Normal ?
I mean, it’s nice to have roots (all sorts), but wouldn’t it be better if they were really really long (ooooh, long roots) so we could kinda sway and float and fly a bit too ?

4 thoughts on “Better Roots

  1. I just got this gorgeous orchid as a present yesterday. There’s a section of its roots that are indeed swaying in the wind. I’m not sure what to do with them. Do I pour some extra soil on top and try to bury them or let them be? God, I hate this shit.

    • MSB, you won’t kill it that quick. By the time the orchid needs some attention, you’ll have a better idea what to do. Take it to a nursery or Home Depot and ask them about it. Just don’t spend any money until it’s survived for at least a month in your tender care.

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