Ugly Sentence Day

Yesterday was fascinating, particularly the running commentary of Averil’s work day.
And it got me thinking about how there’s a good side to most things. I have too much pain, but then again, I don’t have to live through workdays that were actually killing me one at a time anymore because of that. Yes, that was a wonderfully bad sentence. Maybe I’ll turn this into a Spectacularly Bad Sentence blog. It feels kinda nice to write a really crook sentence sometimes and just leave it that way.
Anyway, I kinda remembered that being mostly broke and unemployable and having to live in a bus and stuff is mostly pretty great if you don’t count the pain, so this is a shot of me hard at work writing or reading or something. I have to lie down cos I can’t sit, so this is it, this is where I work. And that’s my built in bookshelf, nice hey.
I was gonna ask something else, but I’m full of wild painkillers and forgot, so how about if you read this, write a splendiferously bad sentence as a comment. Go on…. you know you want to.

13 thoughts on “Ugly Sentence Day

  1. Are those your hairy i-pants? Just as well I can’t see the “i” or is that “u” pants? Oh geeze is this a splendiferouly bad sentence or do I have to keep trying? Now I have a headache. Bugger.

  2. “Nice legs” she professed, but, later, to her friend of over 30 years or more, give or take a year or two, Marjorie or Marj as she was fondly called by her closest friends, confessed, “shame about the face”.

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