Hear Me Breathe

Not breed you idiot. Breathe. As in “a sigh of relief”.

I now finally understand why I couldn’t finish my novel. I wonder how many other easily distracted ADHD addled lunatics have the same problem.

I’ve been trying to include every good idea for a novel into this ONE. It would never have been finished. Because, so far, it’s 3 novels or so. And increasing.

Soon, it will be half a novel, and some ideas for the future. I can breathe again.

5 thoughts on “Hear Me Breathe

  1. Not up for some short stories? My time is pretty busted up and the long haul of a novel can be so depressing. Whereas stories are easier to publish and glean some satisfaction. No?
    Plus it’s Short Story Year in 2012 so get cracking.

    • I write a short story here and there, in fact I might start putting a few on here.
      As for publishing them, I think I’ll wait until my novel is finished to ‘enjoy’ the angst of all those lovely rejections.
      A for the long haul of a novel being depressing, I can’t tell whether that adds anything to my usual depression or not, but I think maybe it’s the opposite. I just get pissed off and fired up when it’s not coming together, whereas when I write a short story I usually feel like I took the easy way out, and sink a bit.
      Except for this one short story, 300 words, which I have been changing for almost two years now, and I will probably never be happy with.
      I love that story. I hate that story. It’s a good story. Grrrrr.

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