choosing what to be

I guess not everyone can have a Big Life, be a main character. I guess some people just don’t want to live that much trouble.
Is a main character’s pain worth it ? Which character have you been up to now ? Which character are you going to be ? And why do I always leave a space before a question mark ?


9 thoughts on “choosing what to be

  1. I’ve always wanted to be a supporting character but it doesn’t come naturally. I’ve got tragedy in me. I’ve always known that.

    • Tragedy sucks, but it brings a big life, and if you’re gonna be alive I think maybe it’s worth being Really Alive.
      Exhausting though, hey… Sometimes a rest might be nice.

  2. I think we’re all, always, the star of our own show. But sometimes the heroics are quiet and internal, a slow burn rather than a supernova.

    (Why DO you always leave a space before your question marks? And why can’t I write a comment without parentheses?)

    • I know a man who worked in the same place his whole working life, took the same two weeks each year for holidays, in the same cabin at the same resort.
      He played drums at the same wedding reception venue at the same time of the same night every week too.
      The only blip on his radar was when he came home sick one day and found his wife in his bed with their neighbour, and ended up divorced.
      So after that he complained about that in the same words in the same tone to anybody who’d listen for the next 30 years. Probably still going.
      I’m not seeing much heroics there. If he’s in the starring role, nobody’s watching, and it seems to me like a waste of his life.

      I don’t like the way question marks (and exclamation marks) look like part of the preceding word. I think it makes it clearer. But then, I am a fucking nutcase.
      Why CAN’T you write a comment without parentheses ?

      • Yeah, but the fact that he’s still repeating the same shit over and over again proves to me that he believes himself to be the center of his universe. A small, sad universe. A mind-numbingly boring universe, but for him it’s apparently fascinating.

        (Some thoughts present themselves parenthetically, but I’m trying to break the habit. At least I don’t leave a SPACE in there!)

    • I used to use the dots constantly, until a ruthless copyeditor broke me of the habit. And actually, the parentheses do look rather nifty with spaces around them. ( More space for bigger thoughts. Insert something profound here. )

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