What a (Mad)Man Looks Like

Is there any excuse for this ?

Ok, so, let’s say you’re writing a story whose protagonist is kinda nuts… is it helpful to take on an appearance that may suit such a character ? Or to act the way he or she does, sometimes, but in your own life… And how far should you take it ? Like a method actor, but for writers instead.
Unless you’re writing about serial killers… but then again, maybe the appearance at least ?
Or is there just no excuse to wander around looking like the, umm, Thing in the photo ?


11 thoughts on “What a (Mad)Man Looks Like

    • Are you just acting nuts so I can seee myself as relatively sane, or has that tribe of wild kids finally done what’s left of your brain in completely ?
      Then again, in Raphael’s painting of Aristotle and Plato….

      • I’ve no idea about the painting you refer to. I’m a brain-strained mother of 5, sister to an aspiring madman brother & fighting the good fight on behalf of all those other mothers who are outnumbered by daughters.

  1. I’ve always found people who look normal but are actually completely nuts to be the scariest of all. Is it helpful? Depends on your objective. If you want to entice an audience, dress your protagonist in a suit of everyday amour. That way you’ve sucker punched them without them even being aware. If not, go hog wild! I would like to point out that you don’t look particularly insane. It would help if you dangled some rotting food from your chin, and stopped washing your hair. It may be unruly but you can’t tell me it’s not clean. I can smell the lemon citrus from here.

    • Uh oh. This sounds almost like a challenge. The kind of challenge where I get someone to photograph me after I’ve been off the rails for a few weeks.
      You know MSB, it’s two weeks since I shampooed with that lemony stuff, must take that long for the smell to travel that far…
      All this modern subtlety, I don’t know… I really liked the way Dickens drew characters. You knew who was what, and to start being afraid nice and early. It made things clear don’t you think ?

      • You make a good point, Mr. Harryipants and as a kid I very much welcomed protagonists who wore their character on their sleeve. And I agree with you about Dickens. It’s probably the number one reason I was able to read Great Expectations while only in middle school.

  2. Maybe you’re too busy thinking deep thoughts and writing them down to look in the mirror? You do look like a quintessential author. What does your wife think, most importantly?

    • I’m totally gonna go with that explanation. Perfect.
      As for a wife, had one once, found it most unsuitable. Now she gets to spend her days making herself miserable instead of me.
      These days I have Ms iSkirt, who is so much better. Hot, cool, way too good for me. She thinks I look better without all the hair and beard. But if I just did every little thing she wanted, I’d be a puppet, and if she wanted a puppet she’d have gone and bought one already.

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