What Food Looks Like

Forget fast food, forget packaged and processed food, this is what food actually looks like.

I was planning to write about how food is food, and packaged shit is packaged shit, and writing is writing, and most of what seems to pass for writing is now actually packaged shit too, but then I realised that there now seems to be more writing about how to write than there is actual good writing, and actually this is just more regurgitated packaged shit, so Shut The Fuck Up Me.
Nice food though. Not for thought. Just for eating. Nom Nom Nom Fucking Nom. Whatever.


8 thoughts on “What Food Looks Like

  1. Are those plums on top of the apples? Yum. And may I just point out that I love how you assembled them on top of your bed sheet. Reminds me a bit of George in Seinfeld, eating while romping in the hay.

    • Ok, You got me. I am secretly trying to become George, and I figured this was the best place to start. Great episode hey… Yesterday I watched the, umm, shrinkage episode again. No, I won’t be demonstrating.

    • Those are not mandarin. They are Secret Super Energy Packages. Once unleashed from their magic packaging, they will be free to execute their plan for world domination.
      Or I will eat them. Whichever comes first.

  2. Preach, brother. I’m working my way through a pint of raspberries at the moment, love the way you can put them on the tip of your tongue and thak lack thith.

    • I cannae do that meself… for the vast quantities of raspberries I consume be frozen, n if I place the wee beggars on the end of me tongue I gets a nasty freezer burn.
      Actually, I make a smoothie with em every mornin… yumbelpoozenz !
      Ye sharly dae tock fenny lessie… air ye share yer o kae ?

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