What Drinking Water Looks Like

Where’s the story ?

Is the story on the water, under it, in it ?
Is the story the water itself, or how it got there ?
Is the story the reflections on the surface, the ripples sent out by the crazy old man, the good times shared by three generations of family as we drank coffee we made with the water ? What’s the story ?


5 thoughts on “What Drinking Water Looks Like

    • It’s also the oozy mud MSB mentioned… and the noise of the yabbies, snake or eel that terrified my daughters as they stood at the edge trying to decide whether to swim or not.

  1. Mr iPants, can you help me with something? The grandmother in my story is a country girl from Western Australia, and she’s a little bit twisted. She’s trying to get her granddaughter to get back at a boy from school who’s been insulting the family. What I’m looking for is maybe a folk tale or a saying that would be authentic and revealing of her mindset. Something to do with family loyalty or revenge. Can you think of anything like that?

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