What Life Looks Like

Chook struts to waterbowl, pauses, looks at water… head turns half away… Moves off… pecks at nothing, feigns another peck, pecks again…
Man watches all through shadecloth screened dunny door, sees iron lacework, recently invented shadecloth, lazy stillness of spring… he shits…. Feels time stretched all ways… life moves… somewhere…

7 thoughts on “What Life Looks Like

  1. Look at that little pupper! I want to see his face.

    I am angling for a dog when we move. Drew is not in favor of the idea, but you know . . . I’m a chick. We have our ways.

    • You NEED a dog. To protect you. And so you don’t get lonely when he’s out of town.
      Better than a suave sophisticated male friend from work, right?
      Oh yes, you are SO getting a dog.

    • Different chook I think… not as great as the one you refer to.
      I have many letters he wrote.
      I may use them as the basis for a book… maybe.
      Get off farcebook and do some blogposts!

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