What Faces Look Like

Ok ladies, here he is.
Actually, he’s a girl puppy, and that’s an ugg boot, and my very beautiful daughter would be horrified to see this pic on here, sans makeup, and seriously needing to stand a lot closer to a hairbrush.
And her name is Scruffy. Not my daughter, the dog. Thank goodness for punctuation. ( Not my daughter the dog? )
Actually my daughter calls her Sooky, but I call her Scruffy, and so do the ladies in every opshop between Tuncurry and Urunga, but that’s another story. Anyway, give me your favourite punctuation mistake.
Maybe I should have said “your most colourful punctuation mistake”, then all you Americans would have thought I’d made TWO spelling mistakes, but that’s another story too. So many stories… someone should write some of them…

5 thoughts on “What Faces Look Like

  1. Ooooooohhh! Look at those two adorable faces! Puppy in an ugg boot, I may die from the cuteness. I can’t think of anything clever to say about punctuation when I’m under attack this way.

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