What a Real Shower Looks Like

A hot shower in an icy river.
There’s something you get from showering outside in the real world.
Maybe it’s just feeling part of it.
What was the best shower you ever had?

7 thoughts on “What a Real Shower Looks Like

  1. More like *What a Real Man Having a Real Shower Looks Like*. Best shower ? For entertainment value, mid-winter, 2010, Guyra, NSW and the shrinkage factor phenomena.

    • Umm, the, ah, well, you know, I, ummm….
      Fair go woman; apart from the well known shrinkage factor, it’s a little, I mean, umm, not very well known fact that things appear much smaller when blue.
      Now just don’t go telling everyone I never got over it….

  2. I’m with Matreeark. That’s a front cover, for sure.
    This reminds me of the springs in Calistoga, California. You go from a deluge of steam directly into frigid waters. My skin never felt so good.

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