14 thoughts on “Gone but still a part of us

  1. “Gone but still a part of us.”

    They say that everyone dies twice: Once, physically. And again, some years later, the last time anyone says his name. Your words will come rushing back in time, and with them all the stories you’ve collected about your dad, the colorful anecdotes that will bring his memory alive for your family and for the rest of us who are waiting to be introduced. His legend is in very good hands, my friend.

    Love to all of you.


    • Thank you Averil, for your lovely kind thoughts as I went through this.
      No words I write can be enough to describe what the thing was, and no words are enough to thank those who reached out and tried to ease the pain, so thank you is all I have.
      Thank you again.

  2. The words you found for the eulogy were the best you have ever found. Poignant, honest & beautiful; delivered with a quiet sadness that touched a chord in everyone who was there. You did him proud & spoke for us all. It took tremendous courage to do that & I’m so proud & thankful to have you as my brother.

  3. “Sorry” isn’t enough for what you’re going through. Your father does live, to a significant degree, through you and yours. How could he not? When the grief has dulled, you’ll see him in yourself and your loved ones more than you can imagine now.

    • You’re right of course, TP. Though I’m not sure how long it takes for the grief to dull… maybe it has a little, I’m here making my thank yous to people who were so kind to reach out and touch us.
      Now I just have to be a better man, try to live up to the standard he set.
      I reckon if I can become half of what he was I’ll be a happy man.

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    • Thank you MSB. He was a wonderful man, and I never understood how much I’d lose when I lost him.
      But I have the things he gave me… one of those being stories… and it’s my job now to use all that he gave me to make life a bit brighter for those I can do that for, just as he did.

  5. Thank you Teri for your kind thoughts.
    My dad really was the best man I ever knew, and I reckon I’m really lucky that I can say that with complete honesty.
    What a thing that is… I’m a lucky man.

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