Embracing Our Limitations

Well, it’s not like we don’t have plenty to embrace…
Great TED Talk by artist Phil Hansen, who developed a tremor in his hand that left him unable to create the art he lived for — until, after three years without making art, he went to see a neurologist who suggested he Embrace the Shake.
And didn’t he just!
Worth the ten minutes just to see his amazing art, but even better, the message on nurturing creativity is one of the best I’ve seen.

So, to follow his example, which box can you stop looking outside of, to find your art deep within?

4 thoughts on “Embracing Our Limitations

    • I knew you’d love it Anna, and so glad you had time to watch. Your art matters too, and somewhere around where this talk meets your life there’s a spark that will start a fire. A Girl in the Hat fire. And plenty of us will be thrilled to stare into that.

    • My favourite too! I was already in awe, but at that one my stupid mouth fell open with wonder. Lucky I’m a fat bastard now, and therefore no longer allowed food. It would have fallen out onto the floor. Or the cat. Or — naaa, can’t say that, I’ll get in trouble from You-Know-Who.

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