Limerick Day

words hang in the air, somebody’s home, 2013

Okay, it’s Limerick Day, peoples.
Or Limerick Week.
Or Limerick Month maybe. I don’t do many blog posts.
Post a limerick you wrote yourself, or one someone else wrote (attributed if possible, though limericks seem to quickly become the property of the world), or both if you like. Or six limericks. Ten?
Or a good excuse for why the fuck you can’t even post one lousy limerick.

Did you know limericks didn’t even originate in Limerick?

8 thoughts on “Limerick Day

    • There once was a girl called Emm Dee,
      who dumped her man, then she was free.
      She cut off his balls,
      nailed one to a wall,
      and the other she hung from a tree.

      Now, where’s yours?

    • Haha, that’s awesome Anna.

      There once was a Girl in a Hat,
      who had a great fight with a cat.
      When asked how it started
      the Girl said “It farted,
      just as I gave it a pat.”

  1. As usual, a day late.

    There once was a drink named LIME-RICKey
    Gin, lime, ice and seltzer it’s tricky
    I drank what I made
    Fell asleep in the shade
    Got laid, hung over and sticky

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