Steel and Feathers

Some years, men are not strong.

“What weighs more, a ton of steel or a ton of feathers?”
It’s what they ask you
when you’re a child.
(They hope to trip you up and make you wrong).

Then in your life,
your man life,
you try to find a home (that is a place to rest and be).
The soft and hard
they always weigh the same,
You be too much
of one and then the other (always wrong).

But one day,
in a really lucky life
you’ll find a place,
(and when I say
a place,
make no mistake,
of course
that place
it is a person)
This place you’ll find,
a place
where things aren’t weighed —
and you,
you’re right enough
(with her you’re home,
you’re always home,
and home is where you’ll always want to be)

14 thoughts on “Steel and Feathers

  1. That is so lovely.

    What is the picture though? Is it spilt milk mixed with a little beer in the shape of a half man half guitar or is it some kind of psychological quiz that I just failed?


    • Haha, it’s a psychological quiz if you decided to make it one.
      It’s actually just butter melting in a pan. It looked cool so I snapped a photo before I threw the mushrooms in.
      Although your recipe sounds like more fun.

    • Hi Carolynn, thanks for visiting, I’d have cleaned up the place if I knew you were coming.
      Just don’t let it get out, the whole having a heart thing, okay?
      I have a (bad) reputation to uphold.

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