Once upon a time, there was a Me who drove everyone nuts with his incessant, obsessive, and mostly unwelcome ramblings about books and writing.
So he started this blog so he could tell Pretty Much Nobody about all those things instead, thereby saving his few remaining friendships, and leaving himself not much to talk about to his so-called friends anyway.
And they all lived snappily ever after.

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Anna, on my screen there’s a follow button at the very top on the left, same as when I look at your blog, except of course it says unfollow on yours as I’m already subscribed. If it’s not there I have no clue. I was just fiddling with my own button and got four emails telling me I’d subscribed to myself. Hmmm. Nothing I could write next would come out right.

  2. Hey Harryipants! I’ve just clicked to follow – waiting for the link to show up in email I don’t know WHY I haven’t followed your blog b4 now, I think I forget who has one……but anyway, here I am!

    • I know Donna…sometimes someone makes a really interesting comment on a blog you’re following, then you check out their blog and like it, but somehow forget to follow it. Then a month later, they make another great comment somewhere, and you think, Hmmm, I thought I was following her blog… I think part of it is that , for most writers, we have so much filling our heads at any moment, there’s always a certain amount of disorganisation and mixing of odd thoughts together, and this is part of what makes us capable of writing something interesting in the first place.
      Hmmm, I wonder if what I said even makes any sense. Well, it did to me…

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